Planning your festival wedding can have lots of dilemmas to sort, such as what kind of marquees do you go for?

Tipis are very popular with the Festival Wedding market, as they feel new and different,
laid back and casual and they carry a summer of love hippie sort of feel to them.

Thing is they have been around to hire in the UK market for over 15 years now and still seem to be a growing service supply market as the first Marquee choice of the majority of Festival Wedding couples everywhere.

They are not the cheapest marquee choice on offer and they don’t have much room in them to work with, but you can have a fire indoors and they do look amazing when set up, particularly if they a


re opened with the sides up and that’s the real challenge for your big day in the UK, however even with the sides down, they do look quite special indeed!

We have produced loads of amazing weddings in Tipi’s and we work with more or less all the main companies and we get approached by new ones every month.

We can see the pro’s and con’s to working with Tipi’s for weddings, that’s why we offer a choice of a wide selection of styles of Marquees to our couples, as lots of couples want them, but can’t afford them.

They can though be well worth waiting that extra year on your Wedding Planning and to save a bit more money and do it Tipi Style. After all, you are only going to do this once, so why not do it well!

We would like to think the growing Tipi Hire market means the prices will come down a bit and make it easier for more couples to afford them, the next two years will see lots more Tipi Companies open up to join the 40+ already in the market.

Until then we will keep working away to offer both a wide range of choices in the Wedding Marquee Hire market and the best deals possible.

We may even buy some of our own Tipi’s one day, watch this space 🙂