We are currently in the process of finally realising one of our own dreams,
that others have expressed a keen interest in being a part of


Over the last nine years we have produced over eighty festival party style weddings in amazing locations around the UK for wonderful couples and their families and friends to celebrate Tying the Knot in a bespoke festival setting. We are blessed to say that virtually all our couples and their guests are super pleased with their big day and cherish it as a day to remember forever.

The one thing that keeps coming back to us from a great number of the weddings we host is, can we do it again? That’s not to say they want to get married again having already Tied the Knot, however what they do want to experience again is the party and a weekend of festival fun and frolics, to share it once again with like minded people.

We have looked after nearly 10,000 people at our wedding events and we are now looking to offer an intimate boutique sized festival event option for a maximum of a few hundred people to all our past couples and their favourite guests to book weekend tickets to come back, mix and connect with each other and share another fabulous party experience with us.

The weekends will be children friendly and feature live bands, DJ’s, activities and games, great street food, a bar stocked with delights, amazing decor and fantastic lighting with space for camping, glamping and cool live in vans. All set in a beautiful location with a team to look after you, while you create special memories and new friendships living the life of wonderment.

You don’t have to have booked a wedding with us to qualify to buy tickets, we are happy if you have been a guest or are good friends of couples or guests that we have worked with already and for them to invite you as someone who is safe and happy to party with.

So if you love festivals and gigs and spending time outdoors, camping and sitting under the stars around a fire with like minded souls, then watch this space for updates on when the first event is and come and join us and live it, love it, like it for more!!!

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