Festival Wedding Venue

Sand road path

Dry roads can always change with a spot of rain

For couples looking to have a Festival Wedding in the UK, finding a venue is a key to it all happening!

In order to find a venue that ticks all your boxes and makes your wedding unique,

we recommend the following three key factors to help sort the right setting for your big day:

1. Ascetic’s – A Beautiful Location sounds obvious, but what is stunning to one person can be unattractive to another. We feel that finding that special location is like buying a house, you should feel something well up within you when you walk into the space and see it for the first time. That said, it’s important to take into consideration that your viewing date is subject to weather and the seasonal time of year.

Although it’s great to see it in full sunshine and glory, its also good to see it at its worst and then you can be aware of how rain or other weather elements wind could affect your wedding day. Ground space and  conditions for where the marquee and camping go and access roads and paths for guests and hire companies that are to be used are paramount to making it all work

2. Logistic’s – Access for the service supply companies you book to bring in everything from Tipi’s to Generators, Toilets to Furniture, Decor to Glamping, etc. More and more companies supplying Festival Wedding events are using four by four vehicles and trailers or Sprinter vans, which generally find it easier to get into venues via one-lane roads and routes or under the canopy of trees or through other height restrictions at play, but you will still find some companies using large trucks and also heavy vehicles with kit, like toilet trailers and power generators that may be subject to weight restrictions too. Things sink on soft wet grass and can be hard to get out without tractors, so hard surface routes are crucial to have.

Tarmac and stone roads are always a winner, but sandstone paths are generally still good in the rain too. Its grass and mud that may present problems in wet conditions, particularly if its been raining for some time and there are slopes/hills to climb and if the ground has a clay layer under the surface that does not drain away excess water quick enough. All these restrictive factors are particularly at play for buses to bring in guests, especially if its a double-decker bus. The most important vehicles to need access to the site are the ones you hope to never have to see at a wedding, ie a fire engine or ambulance and for them, the ground and height conditions are especially important, but also for width too. fire engines require at least 3m’s (10ft) and this would be the same for most large trucks too.

3. Easy access for guests – Access and welfare of your guests on site is the final key factor to consider. Cars, buses and taxis being able to get into and out of the venue easily and at all times is very important and also car parking that accommodates everyone and does not infringe on the wonder and beauty of the wedding set up and then appear in the photos is quite often overlooked by so many people. Lighting for when its dark is also key to making it work for vehicles leaving the venue at night.

Most weddings have a wide age range of guests from babies to people right up to their 90’s. There will also be guests with mobility requirements, such as wheelchairs or walking aids to think about and this, in particular, requires you to think about the paths and routes they will use, how long, what is the surface like, how far from the toilets and is their seating for those that need it, more than those who don’t?

Festival and Woodland Weddings are quite often set in access challenging location. Does the venue have a fence or wall boundary to stop children from leaving and crossing roads and entering into potential danger? Is there livestock or wildlife at the venue and are their any areas where barb wire or electric fences can come into contact with your guests. All these factors don’t need to be worried about unduly just noted and considered for you and your guests. At Dalby Forest we have to tell guests that they may encounter Adders basking in the warm sun in long grass for obvious reasons, however, I am pleased to say that in all the weddings we have done there, no one has actually seen one yet, let alone been bitten by one.

These are all key factors that when considering an outdoor wedding venue. Welfare is as important as entertainment and catering to get it right and that is why working with a team like us at My Festival Wedding makes it so much easier, as we have already checked out and planned for all the challenges that may be encountered at our beautiful venues on offer.

We call it the Smoke and Mirrors effect….. Like watching a magician at work,

it’s the magic you want to see and experience, not the graft and complications at play!


Festival Wedding access in the rain and mud