Weekend wedding celebration, when a day is just not long enough.

A long weekend for Easter, longer daylight hours, longer hen and stag parties, longer commute to work – longer wedding celebration….. why not?!

It seems everything is extending these days so why not apply this to what will undoubtedly be the best day of your life?

Once the marquee is up and the site is prepared you can easily incorporate a true festival style,
to your wedding by having a full weekend of fun and laughter.

It is customary for wedding to last anything from 2 days to a whole week in countries like Russia and Poland.

We offer a full ‘weekend ticket’ package allowing you and your guests to get into the true festival spirit!
for the whole weekend, camping included.

And we bet our toilets will be cleaner than any festival you have been too 🙂

Have a day of wedding celebrations and then why not incorporate a theme for day two,
maybe even fancy dress!

We can bring fun games to get the party started and arrange for a breakfast van to refuel,
before repeating the fun all over again.

And Brides, you get to buy a dress a day 🙂

So many of our couples say they wish they could do it all again, well why can’t you?

There is nothing stopping you, c’mon let us give your guests something to really talk about.

Have a look at our Weekend Ticket option and contact us if you need any further details,

we’d love to hear your ideas!