Finding the right venue to host your festival wedding can be quite a task.

We suggest looking for three key factors when viewing sites.

1. Aesthetic beauty speaks for itself. It may look amazing, but can you get in and out with

everything and will you cause problems with noise from loud music

2. Ease of access for all your guests. Some may find it harder than others

to get in and out of a field in a car or on foot.

Weddings have guests of all ages and some of the more mature ones will have mobility needs

and this if possible to sort can add to your costs

3. Logistics to set up all that amazing kit of marquees, power lighting, etc – lots of heavy bulky equipment

to be set up, more than often will come in big vehicles and may struggle to get in and out of the site

Sheffield Woodland View 2

Sheffield Woodland View

It may look like an amazing place, but what happens to the ground if it rains, does it drain away or make puddles,

can you get a van or more importantly a fire engine or ambulance onto the site easy and are there tripping hazards,

are just a few of the questions to ask the landowner.

We spend a lot of time making sure we can mitigate these and lots of other factors, to ensure you don’t have

surprise stress on the use of your ideal space to host your festival wedding.

Is there a water supply and what to do with greywater waste is also another often overlooked factor

at play when hiring farmers fields.

We can help avoid all these issues and make sure your festival wedding goes to plan and lets you focus

on having a great time.

Get in touch to find out more and let us help take the strain of making it work 🙂

festival wedding site

festival wedding site