Tips for Festival Brides and Grooms

  1. We all like to look our best and dress to impress but if you haven’t been to a festival Wedding before then if you are going to wear high heels (ladies in general) look at getting some Heel stoppers or indeed invest in Wellington boots.
  2. It may be the most beautiful day but remember the nights can become cooler even in the middle of our British Summer time, bring warm clothes/blankets so as not to spoil your experience, star gazing can be beautiful especially around a camp fire listening to acoustic music, toasting marshmallows- magic!
  3. Remember the wedding may be taking place in the heart of the woods or on a field, it could be costly getting a taxi home or to where you are staying so why not think of staying on site, either camping or in more luxury of glamping (bell tent and bed already up and made for you) – a small treat for your Festival experience.
  4. If you haven’t been to a Festival or even if you have then this is still a unique experience, a mini festival for your friends or family that is very personal to them. Don’t let bad weather (bring brollies, waterproofs) get you down or even the toilets (although we use Posh Porta Loos at our weddings) have fun and relish the great outdoors.
  5. You are at the site for a good few hours and to enjoy your experience, make sure you have everything you need, let your Bride and Groom know in advance about food intolerances/allergies so you are able to eat the food on offer, bring money (cash as opposed to cards as not all venues have the signal for card readers) have your taxi pre-booked if you are staying elsewhere.  Everything else as they say ‘is just gravy’.